Leading the Way in Roller Compacted Concrete

Reece Albert, Inc. is making headlines in Midland for it's work on a mile-and-a-half stretch of Lamesa Road.  The roller compacted contrete is just one component of a larger, two-and-a-half year project, taking only three days to complete and offering a possible 20-25 year lifespan -- much greater than traditional asphalt paving.

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TXAPA Pioneer

Reece Albert was born on September 28, 1910, in San Angelo and had a lifelong ambition of becoming an engineer, just like his mother’s four brothers. The hardships of the Great Depression slowed the dream, but Reece attended Texas A&M and became an assistant engineer for the City of San Angelo in 1935.

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On the High Road

Construction Today highlights the success experienced by Reece Albert, Inc. for decades.

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The Ultimate Collaborative Vision

The Ulitmate Collaborative Vision

Reece Albert, Inc. and local citizens work together to  rehab 1.5 miles of the Concho River in San Angelo, Texas. The $13.5 million project to improve the Concho River was funded by a half-cent sales tax and nearly $2 million in various grants. Improvements include additional trails and trail improvements, new lighting, an outdoors exercise area, public art, new irrigation systems, shaded sitting areas, water features and other special elements.

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Roller Compacted Concrete Making Inroads in West Texas

About two and a half years ago, Reece Albert, Inc., San Angelo-based highway contractor, entered into a friendly partnership with Cemex USA to promote the use of RCC for streets and roads to local entities. It was after the contractor began researching additional ways to utilize their Vögele 2100 paver with a high density screed that they had purchased for jobs utilizing tight tolerance asphalt paving specs, according to Chris Cornell, business development manager for Reece Albert. Some of the options they considered were cement treated base and roller compacted concrete. That is when they called upon the Cement Council of Texas and Cemex USA.

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Perfect Evenness and Maximum Compaction

Perfect Evenness and Maximum Compaction

A SUPER 2100-2 replaced the asphalt pavement of the “Vehicle Dynamic Assessment Pad” (VDA Pad) at the Conti Proving Grounds in Uvalde, Texas (USA). To ensure totally reliable results in tire tests, the evenness of the pavement had to meet extremely exacting standards. Selecting a high compaction screed for the paving work helped produce a top-quality pavement.

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